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Hello, my name is Lorenzo Giraldi, I am an electronic technician with 25 years experience in the field of automation and information technology.

In 2013, together with Mr. Stefano De Stefano, we have filed and obtained the patent for an anti-abandonment device that we have called "LOSTBOX" which meets all the requirements imposed by the modification of the highway code art. 172 of 2019.

Surprising, isn’t it? 6 years before the law was launched.

Over the years,  through the media, we have described and demonstrated the functioning of our device also in national television broadcasts; please fine below an example:

Our device is nothing more than an anti-theft device with a telephone dialler that is automatically activated when the driver turns off the car and gets out of it, uses the weight and pressure sensors located into the vehicle seats (those warning you to fasten your seatbelt ) and, if it detects a presence, it sets off two sequences of alarms.

What is special about this device is that in the second sequence it activates the horn, the direction indicators and partially opens the rear windows ensuring a small but significant air exchange.

At this point, if you went to see the link of the video you should have fully understood how it works and you should have known me a little better.

But now let’s come to the reason why the blog was born; that’s because a lot of people who know me have asked this question: “Which advice should I buy?”

Well, none of you will buy the advice in order to save his/her child, none of you can even consider the idea of forgetting his/her child into the car, right?

Ebbene sì, voi comprate il dispositivo antiabbandono per non incorrere nelle sanzioni previste dal codice della strada  art. 172 che entreranno in vigore dal 6  Marzo 2020.

You will buy an anti-abandonment device in order not to incur the penalties imposed by the highway code art. 172 which will come into force on March 6, 2020./ which have come into force on March 6,2020

Here is my answer, then: buy the system which is less expensive, but which is manufacturer certified.

What does “certified” mean?

The different manufacturers of devices, Chicco Bebe Care - Remmy - Tippy Pad - Baby bell – ecc… have to sign a certification guaranteeing that the system meets all the requirements imposed by the law decree. Please click on the following link and go to section annex A.

Now, let’s take into account point D of annex A

  1. d) if the device detects the need to give an alarm signal, this must be able to promptly attract the driver's attention through specific visual and acoustic signals or visual and haptic signals, perceptible inside or outside the vehicle;

What does the word “haptic” mean?

Simply, haptic stands for vibration….

The reason for this choice is clear, a system that respects the norm should activate the car horn and turn signals

In order to encourage some manufacturers, the alarm signal is directly sent to your Smartphone, which will warn you of any dangerous situation by flashing and vibrating.

Would you entrust the safety of your children to a smartphone and its connection?

I would not do it, as a technician, you will think that “it cannot happen to me”, but let’s make an hypothesis.

Think for example of the grandfather who brings his grandchildren, pulls over the car to get the newspaper leaving the car in the sun. It is a matter of minutes but suddenly the grandfather faints and he is rushed to hospital.

Who knows that his grandchildren are into the car in the sun?

The answer to you.

In this digital age, where we are interconnected, we have devices that allow us to do exceptional things, it seems absurd that these technologies are not used to save lives.

The law was written only to receive consensus but not for the purpose for which it was requested, unfortunately in this country things go like this.

We have proposed to several car manufacturers to equip their vehicles with our device but we were told that it is not an interesting option….

So I conclude by suggesting again to purchase the least expensive one, which is certified with the requirements set out in Annex B of the law.

None of these are approved, if you were ever stopped by the police you can prove that you are right, if it goes wrong you can subsequently sue the company that sold it to you.

Certification requirements according to:

Annex B (article 5, paragraph 4) Model declaration of conformity under the Implementing Regulation of article 172 of the New Highway Code regarding the anti-abandonment devices for children under the age of four.

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